Monday, March 24, 2008

What you got under the hood?

For my Scottish readers this title would read "what you got under the bonnet".

A lot of males have an interest in Cars, particularly if they are fast and powerful. Seeing a customized power machine some may ask the owner - what do you have under the hood - or if they are mechanically minded - check it out themselves.

Something happened to me at church on Sunday, that I need to share. With it being Easter I decided to dress smart and wear my kilt. My friends had never seen me wearing it before, but I figured they new me enough - they wouldn't be shocked by it. I walked in the front door that morning to find my friends suddenly intently staring at their belly buttons - no eye contact - no words said. I had to chuckle.

I went straight through to the main room to have a final practice of that morning's music, before the service started. Once we finished, I stood talking to the two friends that play in the praise band with me. I was just minding my own business when the assistant pastor's son wandered in and pointed at my kilt saying:

"what's that?"

I replied "A Kilt"

"A kilt huh...." he replied - suddenly lost in thought.

I then continued to talk to my two friends. Next thing I notice, the guy was down on all fours peering up my kilt. It didn't dawn on me straight away what he was doing. When it finally registered, my two friends were standing in disbelief not knowing what to do - to be embarrassed or laugh.

Recognizing the situation, I did what any owner would do. I ushered him up, then stood proud, with my arms at my hips, nodding my head saying - "yes, that machinery is mine".

I think that between my kilt and my long hair, curiosity got the better of him. Happens to us all sometimes.

Thankfully, I guess I'm not a true Scotsman - I don't do commando!

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