Thursday, April 24, 2008


Turtle is getting big and very active. I saw my first kick tonight - though I missed the flurry of kicks that followed it. I was so take by the first one, I ended up looking at Niecey with joy....

None the less, Im sure it will be the first of many.... :)

Its amazing what a nights sleep can do

Ive had this problem with my code for about a week and a bit. To spare you the details, I was having real problems displaying search results for a query. Ive had numerous attempts, always never quite hitting the mark - always a bug in there hiding from me.

Well last night, I had a dream about the project I was working on. I dreamed that I got the search results to work.

I came in this morning and made the changes to the code I dreamed and kapow! IT WORKED!!!!

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

New Microsoft Initiative

The Microsoft feedback agent just got better. Gosh it could be fun...

Friday, April 11, 2008

Fossil Evidence

The evolution community are psyched up over the latest fossil discovery - a snake that appears to have legs.

To put this in perspective, Darwin himself said (paraphrased of course) that in time, the fossil record would back up his theory of natural selection. To date (126 years after Darwin's death), the definitive fossil is still being sought - and to some I'm sure, this latest find is their jewel in the crown. Despite the apparent evidence this shows of evolution at work, as always, it would appear to have caused more debate rather than resolution - now they have to decide how to fit it into their tree of related developments. Nothing is ever simple for them.

But wait a minute - Genesis 3:14. I don't want to say the obvious, and indeed - I do not declare this to necessarily be evidence of that verse - thats another whole debate. However, if I was an evolutionist set on convincing others to believe in natural selection, I wouldn't wave this information around too much.

Thursday, April 3, 2008

Phone Support

Ive recently been given an extra task at work, that of providing phone support to our customers. Now I love talking, those of you who know me are aware that it is my all time second favorite hobby. And I play a pretty good game at it too, managing to turn one sentence into a story of epic proportions. So the task of answering calls initially would seem like a well suited job for me.

That is until you take into consideration the accent problems. On more than one occasion, Ive received a call from Spain, or South Africa, or best yet Singapore. The initial talk (eg hello - how can I help etc. etc.) sounds like a conversation between two deaf old folk over a dodgy connection; characterized by multiple "Yes you have called the right place" and "could you say that again". Its almost like some form of whacked out experimental musical composition, lets call it an improv-speech-blues riff.

Ok Im pushing it a bit there. But as it is, all the calls end up getting redirected anyway - unless they are tech problems - Im not the person they a looking for. I wish they just made the phones with some form of auto-redirect button, that would cut down the average length of each call by about 10 minutes.....