Thursday, April 3, 2008

Phone Support

Ive recently been given an extra task at work, that of providing phone support to our customers. Now I love talking, those of you who know me are aware that it is my all time second favorite hobby. And I play a pretty good game at it too, managing to turn one sentence into a story of epic proportions. So the task of answering calls initially would seem like a well suited job for me.

That is until you take into consideration the accent problems. On more than one occasion, Ive received a call from Spain, or South Africa, or best yet Singapore. The initial talk (eg hello - how can I help etc. etc.) sounds like a conversation between two deaf old folk over a dodgy connection; characterized by multiple "Yes you have called the right place" and "could you say that again". Its almost like some form of whacked out experimental musical composition, lets call it an improv-speech-blues riff.

Ok Im pushing it a bit there. But as it is, all the calls end up getting redirected anyway - unless they are tech problems - Im not the person they a looking for. I wish they just made the phones with some form of auto-redirect button, that would cut down the average length of each call by about 10 minutes.....


snobound said...

Don't I know it!!! Some guy calls for SUM and I'm supposed to infer he's looking for my husband...SAM! Darn foreigners!

LOL!!! :-))

Kinsleys3 said...

Someone calls & can't understand you?? Now I can't IMAGINE that happening! ;-) Yeah well, you should see people's reaction when I say to them, "We have to teach you 'Kuller Boonies, mon'!" They scratch their heads and say, "HUH??"