Thursday, April 24, 2008

Its amazing what a nights sleep can do

Ive had this problem with my code for about a week and a bit. To spare you the details, I was having real problems displaying search results for a query. Ive had numerous attempts, always never quite hitting the mark - always a bug in there hiding from me.

Well last night, I had a dream about the project I was working on. I dreamed that I got the search results to work.

I came in this morning and made the changes to the code I dreamed and kapow! IT WORKED!!!!


Niecey said...

I'm SO GLAD. Hopefully you won't be so much of a grumpy pants at home now that you have this issue sorted out ;)

Kinsleys3 said...

(shaking head in disbelief) Only you could pull off something like that... UNbelieveable!