Tuesday, March 25, 2008

4 days

Thats how long Ive been stuck at this particular problem with .net

It's a cool concept, the way in which .net generates code for the browser. The framework does make the job easier at times. But in situations like this, the framework makes it impossible for me to proceed. If it were simple PHP I would be able to dissect and analyze - and at least isolate the issues that are causing the problem. For the time being, probably due to my lack of experience, Im left flailing my arms and wailing like a baby.

Im almost at my wits end. The problem becomes more elusive while the deadline gets closer.



Seems that the OS thought my code files were system files! Gosh you've got to admire Microsoft for the stupidity that windows displays. The system guy here spent almost 2 days trying to reverse the damage - thats a total of 6 days I was down for. Eventually I gave up and started again, but here I am Monday morning ready to kick some coding bottom.....

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