Tuesday, August 11, 2009

An cosmic viewpoint

I recently came across this article on the BBC's website. It seems Mars is giving the scientists a hard time, trying to unlock the planet's secrets.

My favorite part is this
"The problem is if we just take into account the photochemistry as we know it on Earth and if we put it in the model, then we cannot reproduce the model and that was a surprise."
Could this possibly be yet again another example of the Earth's uniqueness? We keep banging on and on to scientists about our privalleged planet - why do you even expect it to work the same way?

I also love how the article keeps saying the gas could come from 'life' or geology - but only goes on to provide a geology explaination.

I dont pretend to know how to measure methane gas on another planet, but I don't expect their findings to ever be as uniformed as at least the 'press' would like to think....

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Niecey said...

Very interesting. It's going to be awesome the day God reveals these mysteries to us and the scientist are left stunned, saying, "oh. Wow. We were way off base"