Tuesday, July 8, 2008


That was three weeks I went without a job. Very scary.

After about a week and a half I had 2 job interviews scheduled. The first was with Sirius who have been looking for a software developer. While that interview went well, I naturally got anxious after it was over. Even though it lasted a good 2 hrs I feared that I had not been as good as I could have been. I was asked a technical question about SQL which I answered wrong, then told them Google was my best friend when it came down to solving problems like that. They seemed ok about it, but I felt it was a dent in my case.

The next interview I had was scheduled for the Monday after with Firespring - but on the Friday before, I received a strange letter from them telling me the position had been filled. I couldn't understand why they had decided to book an interview with me just before sending me this letter but I interpreted it as meaning my interview was canceled.

Come Monday evening, I recieved a call from them asking where I had been. (!!!?) We rescheduled for the next day and I went in to another EPIC interview. Ive broke my current record now - 2 and a half hours - I was exhausted afterwards.

I came home to a call from Sirius asking me to come in for a followup interview the next day. I went into it this time with a more positive feeling and it went really well.

Not long after I got back I got a third call from them - this time to come in and discuss an offer. All my stressing seemed to be coming to an end. As I drove home from this one, I just felt so thankfull that it possibly could be over.

...Until I get into the house and Firespring have called offering me a job too. I couldn't believe it. Too much at once to handle. Suddenly my stress came back. What if I chose the wrong one?

Either way, I eventually chose Sirius. I start tommorrow....

Thank you to all who prayed for us. We can all start to live life again.


Niecey said...

You rock Rene. I'm excited and I hope this will all go wonderfully and you'll really enjoy it there. A nice new start.

snobound said...

I know that you would be great at which ever job you would have chosen. The Lord can bless us where ever we are. Good luck and enjoy your first day tomorrow!

Uilleam Alba Mac Gafraidh said...

Thats really good news mate!

So made up for you!

Jeff said...

Rene, Sorry to have missed on the timing of our offer. I'm sure you would have been right at home (even in Nebraska) with Firespring. If things don't work out with Sirius, keep us in mind.

Jeff Ray
Web Programmer

Snobound said...

Anything new happening in your life since the first part of JULY???!!!