Friday, June 27, 2008


I was their greatest supporter; their morale officer almost; and I also programmed sometimes too.

For real, I lost my job at the commission just over a week ago. Its a terribly scary thing over here to loose your job. Back in Scotland you were fine - you just stood in the line to sign on for unemployment - it was a long line. Your health care was provided no matter what anyway. No worry for medical bills. No worry for your pregnant wife or children who are currently undergoing medical treatment.

But now Im buring mega-calories freaking out about those things. Even if I get a job it will be at least 3 months before health insurance becomes an option. It drives me crazy. The thing was, we had already maxed out our deductible - and have about half of our out of pocket to pay. It was almost going to be free health care.

So as far as loosing the job goes - Im still confused as to why. Ive been given such fuzzy information - there is what is printed on paper - and there is what happened in real life. They dont match up. How can I get a wage rise one week only to be let go - sacked - whatever - 3 weeks later? Its messed up.

If you happen to be a prospectful employer reading this (they do internet checks these days) please feel free to ask me about it - but you will only end up more confused.

Either way - looking to the future - well it seems that the Rodent Emporium gig is maybe not going to happen. Ive got less than a week to organise it. I wish I could get some answers from Marv...

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Uilleam Alba Mac Gafraidh said...


I know how you feel, I am just entering the workforce after a month off on Monday! Just gotta pray that God will provide!

God bless