Saturday, November 22, 2008


So turning 30 brings a number of fun thing to life. The latest I can say Ive been given is excess hair.

Not my head.

Suddenly I have fur growing out of my ear. I have a forest growing on the surface of my nose. And worst of all I am going to have to start buying hair gel for my nostrils! Whats the deal with this? What purpose can it possibly fulfill?!!!!!


Snobound said...

Sam says:

"You ain't seen nothin' yet!"

"Hair will find a way."

"No one goes bald...ever."

And here are a few lyrics from his latest ditty.....

"Hair will find a way, between your head and butt."

Niecey said...

What purpose...? I think it's cause old people can't insulate themselves as well, they loose a lot of heat through their noses and ears, so the hair helps regulate old people's body temperatures, so it might actually stop you from dying of being old and cold nosed/eared. You should be thankful.

No no scrap that. I think it's because old age brings wisdom, because of all the life experiences, but God didn't want us to get arrogant in our old age with all that wisdom, so the noses and ears get hairy to keep us humble. Cause we look so stupid with the hair, it keeps us from getting too high and mighty. Yes that's it. That's why it happens.

Hey and don't forget the huge long grey eyebrow hairs you're getting. You could braid them I'm sure.

I'll still need ya and still feed ya.

Kinsleys3 said...

TMI, dude, TMI

William said...

you aint the only one mate!